Obama doing some stand-up

President Obama doing a speech at the White house, i think he is pretty funny. of course, it’s easier when you have good writers, but stand up is also about … Continue Reading →



This cat really caught my eye, I really love how the cat is defending the little kid and after chasing the dog away, he’s coming back to check upon the … Continue Reading →

Lisa Pihl aka Valkyra with IS3 Norrköping

Inayan System III Eskrima @ Kampsportsgalan i Norrköping

The 26th of april IS3 Norrköping did a demo at a martial arts gala in Norrköping. It was really fun and this is event had about 250-300 visitors. So it … Continue Reading →



Jag är Jason…


A timless lesson…

Trying to gather my thoughts to create something that makes sense. What happend in South Africa during the Apartheid-period is a big disgrace for this worlds history. For a man … Continue Reading →