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Viking Spirit Camp 2011

Friday the thirteenth of may 2011 was the first day of Viking Spirit Camp, the Schedule was packed with seminars with great instructors from all over the world.  The instructors for this year was:

Emanuel Hart
Marty Zaninovich
Richard ”HUK” Planas
Graham Lelliott
Ingmar Johansson
Paul Irish 

This was the thirteenth year they arranged this camp. As always it’s a lot of fun. Down below you can find some photos from the three days.

We were about 4 plus me that visit the camp, and test some JKD but our focus was training with Suro off course. Suro always deliver great, informative and fun seminars. I feel really fortunate to have the chance to train with a prominent in knowledgable instructor as Suro Emanuel Hart is.

Soon is the annual summer camp outside of paris. I am so looking forward to meet old and new friends, train and have fun! :)

First day - First day Second day  Third day

for more photos check out IS3 Norrköpings flickrstreamSuros teaching


Inayan Summercamp – days to remember…

So the 27th of July it was time again. We started our journey from Skavsta, Sweden with Ryan Air to Paris with our end destination outside of Soissons. The end destination was a little village, which name I can’t remember. We were 10 people from Sweden that was going to attend the camp, so the Swedish team was a big group this year, last year we were only 3 people. Just the idea of going to this camp with good friends was fun.

I know from last year, it was long days and it was going to be tough. I must say, this year I wasn’t as tired as I was last year. Last year I had to sleep after lunch everyday to cope with the training. This year we were training instead…I think the way Kenneth my instructor and I train under this last couple of months up to the camp was some of the reasons to why I wasn’t that tired as I was last year.
The weather was good, we had some raindrops, but those drops was more than welcome. That is something that I really love, to train outside in the hot sun, what could be more lovelier than that.

This year was truly special, it was 10 years ago that Mangisursuro Michael G Inay passed away, so to commemorate this, people were coming from USA, Belgium, France, Germany and Sweden. It was especially fun and truly an  honor to meet Emanuel Harts brother an Masirib Guro under Mangisursuro Mike Inay, Andre Green. We also had the privilege to meet one of the IS3 guros, Keith Schuch. It was really interesting to meet some of the people who had train with Mangisursuro Mike and had the opportunity to meet him, to hear stories from back in the days.

On Saturday we had got an assignment, we were going to hold an exhibition for the everybody, so all the students were divided in four groups:
– First group was level 1-4
– Second group level 5-8
– Third group level 9-12
– Fourth group Instructors
This was not only a test for our technical skills but also a way to learn to more about ourself. How do we communicate with those around us that have poor english or don’t understand it all, and how do we act when there are more willpower than our own. I am always fond of Social experiment, that is probably why I watched big brother when it was aired here in Sweden or any kind of  reality show, all though most of the reality shows suck big time.  Well i am getting off topic here, so we had four nights of training to get the moves and time each individual couple with rest of the group. This was also a challenges because we were tired after a full day of training, then we had to concentrate ourself to make a good exhibition.
So Saturday come pretty fast, and we had no idea on how the stage looked like, to say this, the stage was a lot smaller than most of the groups had anticipated. Wich ment on the spot we had to think on our feet ta make it good. As always I am a wreck when I am going to do stuff like this, doesn’t matter if I have done it before I am still nervous. But all the groups did a great job, it was nice to see. It was cool to see how the groups choose to interpret the assignment and the different ways to execute it.

As the year before, Emilyn cooked a delicious buffet of Filipino food. Since it was a bit more people attending the camp this year than the last, Emilyns sister was nice enough to give a helping hand and they also had a helping hand from some of the Inayan students aswell. The buffet was really good, it is nice for me that doesn’t really know how to cook anything more then Stewed Maroons  all though I do it really good… So it is really interesting to try some different kind of food. It was as I said before, delicious.

After almost six days of training, I was cooked. Even though the last two days was that not that intensive as the first 3 (the camp started on Wednesday but we arrived one day before the camp and train for our selves when we got there. That’s why i got it to six days of training.) From Sweden it was 4 people who tested for a new level, all of them passed with flying colour. Those that tested got the chance to get tested by Masirib Guro Andre Green and some people also by IS3 Guro Keith Schuch, this is something that is very rare and for us that tested, it was a tremendous honor.


From talking with some of my Swedish friends that were there for the first time, they said that this was one of the best camps they had been to. Then again this year was really special in many ways. I am already looking forward to go back…But before next summer camp, Sweden IS3 is arranging a Winter Camp, if you want to know more about it follow this link.

For me the Inayan Summer Camp has been a great experience both of the times, I can not say that this yeas was better than last year. I always have a lot of fun and training with Suro is always challenging and that existing.

The photos from the camp,are provided by Eda, Daniel and Emilyn. Thank you for letting me use your photos.


The Kali Society Summer Camp 2010 – Marstrand

For the third year in a row, The Kali Society entered Marstrand, the island for some training in Filipino martial arts, mma and aki jitsu and other fun activities. It is always a nice event and Marstrand is really beautiful as it is. But it gets even more beautiful when around 20-30 people enter the island and starting swinging sticks to the publics thrill. Marstrand, Carlstens fortress from mainland...For you who does not know what Marstrand is, it’s a nice place outside a little town called Kungälv in Sweden. Kungälv is approximately around 30-60 minutes from Gothenburg, which is one of Sweden’s biggest city’s. They have restored some of the fortress so you can live  and eat there, it has good standard, all though the beds leaves something to wish for, it is ok. Probably because you don’t stay there to long, a maximum of 5 days. The two latest camps I only had the chance to visit for the weekend.

It’s always fun to come these events, both Sr Guro Hans and Claes Johansson is extremely talented and well-rounded martial artist. It’s always a pleasure to train with them. And for me personally it’s always good to meet Sr Guro Hans Johansson, since we have known each other for almost 7 years now. When Hans lived in Eskilstuna, me and him used to train together a lot, we also had the club Kali Eskilstuna together. When Hans moved to Borås I took over Kali Eskilstuna and when I moved back to Norrköping, our most senior student took over Kali Eskilstuna.

During the three days I was there I got the chance try some silat, boxing padwork, throwing, pressure points, sticks, espada y daga and much more. The invited instructors held high standard and it was an interesting camp. As always both the Johansson brothers held up to high standard and kicked ass.

The gods must like Filipino martial arts because every year the weather has been great. Only the last day of the camp it was raining…Last year, it was really hot weather throughout the camp. But when it is that hot, is really important to drink a lot of weather…

From the left: Alvaro, Kristoffer, Daniel, Eda and Niklas

From the left: Alvaro, Kristoffer, Daniel, Eda and Niklas

The view from one of the towers on Marstrand fortressFor everyone that are looking for a good training camp in the summer, and some nice surroundings the TKS Summer camp is really something I recommend. You will live and eat in fortress and train in medieval surroundings with an impressive view. I’ve been there every time, and it’s always really fun and the people who comes to these camps are really nice people. So I wanna give a shout out to everyone who has been there and thank you all including the instructors for a great time. I am hoping our sticks will cross again next year.


Kombatan Arnis camp, Gothenbourg – 5th and 6th of June

The 4th of june i went down to Gothenbourg to train with Master Marina Regner, Dayang Lima(5th dan), she was holding her first camp under the flag of Kombatan. So since Master Marina is a good instrcutor i felt that i should take the time to get down there and train some filipino martial arts. Since i never try to pass down a oppertunity to train with good people.

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