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Eskrima = Skirmish

For those who don’t know, Eskrima is a form of Filipino martial arts, it is a general term for describing a martial arts from the Philippines and specifically the Visayan archipelago region.
This spring, a documentary was released from Pointsource Films on a eskrima from the Visayan region, wich ws called Eskrimadors( ). Me and my friends watched it a little more then a week ago, after attending the first seminars of the viking kenpo camp ( It was really cool to see, well made and interesting. You get to se Grandmasters and the senior instructors perform and being interviewed. For those who has a genuine interest of Eskrima and filipino martial arts look i up, you can order it from here:
Thank you Jonas for buying for me and delivered aswell…

Another documentary you can check out is Kali Means to Scrape from bloodsport, wich is another good documentary on the Filipino martial arts. It’s Nick ”Pappydog” Papadakis and  Canadian filmmaker Ron Gabriel that is visiting the Philipines to find out the true orgin of Kali and meets people that used their skills in real life. You also get an glance on Grand Tuhon Leo Gajes training with his nephew. You can order the movie here, i highly recommend even this one as well: 

These boots are made for walking…

I really like Nancy Sinatras ”These boots are made for walking”, it is a cool song…I am usually not a big fan of 50-60s music, but this song is really nice. There has been some covers on it with jessica simpsons, Lil’Kim and Megadeth to name a few. But i truly think that Nancys orginal is the best…Another cool thing about music, wich i noticed when i was on concert yesterday, is how music and eskrima is very alike in many ways, the feeling or understanding of flow and timing is very important both in music and in eskrima. I know that Suro Emanuel Hart ( use to say that eskrima has close relation to music, yesterday i really saw the connection on another level.

Food, i Love it…

Do you have any special food you like? Chinese, thai, indian, italian, swedish home cooked, mexican or maybe food from japan? I think our food culture here in Sweden is now very in to thaifood, wich i like very much, even though i am a indian guy, don’t like to spicy food, wich many people find very hard to understand. :) hahaha… I am for diversified food, even though i don’t have really diversified my food at home, i like to go to different restaurants that has different kind of food. There is one place here in Norrköping i really like, it is an italian place, they have really good food and it is worth it’s price: 

Here in Sweden there is pretty rare with good indian restaurants, we have one here in Norrköping i think, maybe i am wrong there.. But when it comes to thai food, we have like 10-15 restaurants.. :) So if you have a good Indian restaurant yo wanna tip me about, please write in the comment section.

If you have any interesting food i should try, please let me know so i can widen my horizons… :)

Bigfoot, does he exist?

Big foot, also know as Sasquatch is a mythological creature that since 1700 century has been reported in the woods of USA and Canada. Well i don’t have a clue, and frankly i think that this is one of those things i’d really don’t care about. But just for keeping the entry going i will try to continue it. 
Since Bigfoot resemble the extinct Gigantopithecus that lived in China for more then 300 000 years ago, believers hope that one day they will find proof of life.
Who knows, it is not that big of a leap to think that a prehistoric creature has survived, for all those years. Stranger things has happen? I mean people drink pepsi cola and seem to like it…well that is a bigger mystery for me… :)

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