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Movies I am looking forward to see… (2012-1#)

Taken 2 – Well, this is going to be a treat! The first movie was real good so I am wondering how they going to top that.

The Possesion – This movie seems to be scary enough

The Bourne legacy – I think it has potential, what you think?

The Expendables 2 – So looking forward to see this

The Dark Knight Rises – I think The Dark Knight was one of the best movies of all time, so my expectations are for this movie

Ice Age 4 – Ice Age 3 with Buck was so funny, my favorite of the Ice Age movies, so it will be nice to see this movie

Madagascar 3 – Always loved the performance of Chris Rock, so this movie is a must for me.

Anchorman 2 – All movies with Will Ferell is funny and twisted so i will definitely try to catch this

The Campaign – More with Will Ferell, it has potential, probably see it when it hits the DvD 

TED – If you like Family Guys sense of humor and you don’t offend easy, this movie can be something for you

ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER – I have my doubts, but maybe it will be a cool one! 


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