Filipino Martial Arts (FMA)Memories

Great memories… 1#

I remember back in 2002 I was invited to a IKAEF Instructor camp by Johan Skålberg, I only had train FMA a bit over a year and I think in retrospect I only had one semester of Instructor lead training.

Well anyway, on the camp we were doing Sinawalis and we were proceeding into the mirror-principle. Kadua Guro (at that time, now Pangulong Guro for Kali De Mano) Claes Johansson asked us if we had done it before. I had, I did once on a private training with my Instructor back in Norrköping. So I thought this as a kind of put up your hand and we see how many knows kind of deal, so I raised it. Little I know that by doing so, Claes told me to get up and show everyone how to do it. I was extremely nervous when I got up, because what if I fail and then I just had blabbed my mouth in vain. So we started, and I did it, maybe I didn’t do it as gracefully as it should have, but I did it.

It was nice feeling and great memory…One of many…

Do you have a great memory you want to share? please tell me, it would be nice to read one of your memorys…


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