Filipino Martial Arts (FMA)

A timless lesson…

Nelson Mandela höjer sin knutna näve under ett tal i samband med Mandela-galan i Globen i Stockholm 1990. Foto: Jack Mikrut/Scanpix.Trying to gather my thoughts to create something that makes sense. What happend in South Africa during the Apartheid-period is a big disgrace for this worlds history. For a man who was treated like dirt and spit on, he seemd to be a man with a lot of empahty and love. He will be forever missed, and the fight will go on. Because prejudice is still a big problem all over the world. I can see it here in Sweden where the third biggest parlament party is racist. It’s a frightning world it’s turning out to be. We need more understandning and love, that’s how we in the end gonna defeat evil.

Therefore is Mandelas life a timless lesson for working against discrimination of all kinds…

Listen to a swedish documentary about Nelson Mandela


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