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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Sunny is one of the most disturbing and funniest shows that air for the moment. Right now in the US the show is going for reruns, but in the fall of this year, season 6 will come to the television. It is Channel six here in Sweden that air the show. Season 4 aired under this winter/spring2010. Hopefulle season 5 is coming soon to the tv.

The show evolves around five people and the bar they own,  just doing dumb-ass shit you don’t think of ever doing. The pilot cost as little as 80 dollars to record, which is really not much money for a pilot episode…
In many ways the show is like Family Guy, very provocative and with a great deal of sick humour. So to see this show, I think you really should have a specific type of humour. Things they joke about is sex, violence, social ability’s, the war and lots of more stuff. I feel like I can name a million things and scenes that make me laugh out loud. But instead I am posting some youtube clips that you can watch and see if this is something that you like to see more of. In my personal opinion, give it a chance maybe you love it, maybe you hate it…

5 thoughts on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

  1. Yeah right, this is definitely your type of humor. But I noticed that two of the YT-videos can’t plays.

    And thanks that you spreading sunshine in this world :)

    Have a nice day!

    1. it is not yours then? ;) Yeah some of the videos did not allow embedding…at least i think that was the problem. but you can click on a redirect link that takes you to youtube for you to see it there…


  2. Yep, that´s a great show!
    Haven´t seen a lot of it, but still, I love it!
    And now I´ve read your blog, finally! :-D
    We´ll go for drinks soon!
    And perhaps some indian food! :-)


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