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The Kali Society Summer Camp 2010 – Marstrand

For the third year in a row, The Kali Society entered Marstrand, the island for some training in Filipino martial arts, mma and aki jitsu and other fun activities. It is always a nice event and Marstrand is really beautiful as it is. But it gets even more beautiful when around 20-30 people enter the island and starting swinging sticks to the publics thrill. Marstrand, Carlstens fortress from mainland...For you who does not know what Marstrand is, it’s a nice place outside a little town called Kungälv in Sweden. Kungälv is approximately around 30-60 minutes from Gothenburg, which is one of Sweden’s biggest city’s. They have restored some of the fortress so you can live  and eat there, it has good standard, all though the beds leaves something to wish for, it is ok. Probably because you don’t stay there to long, a maximum of 5 days. The two latest camps I only had the chance to visit for the weekend.

It’s always fun to come these events, both Sr Guro Hans and Claes Johansson is extremely talented and well-rounded martial artist. It’s always a pleasure to train with them. And for me personally it’s always good to meet Sr Guro Hans Johansson, since we have known each other for almost 7 years now. When Hans lived in Eskilstuna, me and him used to train together a lot, we also had the club Kali Eskilstuna together. When Hans moved to Borås I took over Kali Eskilstuna and when I moved back to Norrköping, our most senior student took over Kali Eskilstuna.

During the three days I was there I got the chance try some silat, boxing padwork, throwing, pressure points, sticks, espada y daga and much more. The invited instructors held high standard and it was an interesting camp. As always both the Johansson brothers held up to high standard and kicked ass.

The gods must like Filipino martial arts because every year the weather has been great. Only the last day of the camp it was raining…Last year, it was really hot weather throughout the camp. But when it is that hot, is really important to drink a lot of weather…

From the left: Alvaro, Kristoffer, Daniel, Eda and Niklas

From the left: Alvaro, Kristoffer, Daniel, Eda and Niklas

The view from one of the towers on Marstrand fortressFor everyone that are looking for a good training camp in the summer, and some nice surroundings the TKS Summer camp is really something I recommend. You will live and eat in fortress and train in medieval surroundings with an impressive view. I’ve been there every time, and it’s always really fun and the people who comes to these camps are really nice people. So I wanna give a shout out to everyone who has been there and thank you all including the instructors for a great time. I am hoping our sticks will cross again next year.

2 thoughts on “The Kali Society Summer Camp 2010 – Marstrand

  1. Seems like you had a great time in Marstrand. I never had heard about it before.

    And… a Golden star to you for the nice pictures that you published, much more nice to read. It is more personal and it is good, the reader got the possibility to know you for a while.

    Keep on walking..


    1. why thank you… :) well i have thought about what you said and, you are correct, i should have some more nice photos and so on.. but sometimes it’s hard to find good photos that examplifys what i am writing about, thats why you see me useing a lot of youtube clips instead… :)

      With Great Respect


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