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Inspiration? What is Inspiration for you and how do find inspiration? I know when i was young, around 16-19 years old I had no goals, no ambitions and without Inspiration. Now in my ”later” years I have thought about what makes me and other people feel inspiration. Mostly what inspires me, how have I found Inspiration to what I want to do. I have written a blog entry about how as a instructor or teacher can inspire their students, this entry is going to be more about how I find my Inspiration and hopefully maybe give you as a reader some tips on how you can go about to find Inspirations.

The most important tip I would give to anyone is to hang on to whatever you’ll be inspired of. I use myself as an example, because I always get tease because I am a big Jet Li, but I get so much out of having him as one my biggest source of inspiration that the ”teasing”(wich I am sure of is in good spirit) do not bother me. What I mean is, if it makes you stronger it don’t matter what other people think of it or what it is. As long it’s not something  illegal or disrespectful to other people.

For me Inspiration comes in different forms and shapes. For an example, a movie can be very inspiring just the same as music. I am very impressed by people who is efficient in their line of work or their hobby. I don’t need to have an interest in it too find Inspiration from it. As a friend use to say, a good song is a song, the same principle I use for Inspiration. A good practitioner is a good practitioner no matter what style, art, hobby or work he or she  practice.


There are a lot of movies that are Inspiring to me, like all of Jet Li movies, i have around 30 movies with Jet Li. So for Inspiration for my training, is Jet Li movies the best, movies like Fist of Legend, The Tai Chi Master and Romeo Must Die is movies that I really like with Jet li. I don’t know why, I’d really find energy from it. Other movies that I would truly recommend is Men of Honor and The Hurricane , they are both about struggle and based on a true story, and no matter how tough their life gets they keep on walking and they never give up. This is truly Inspiring to me, to see how hard some people struggle to get what they want.
Another movie that is really good and gives me hope about our civilisation is Hotel Rwanda , just watching the trailer on youtube gives me goose bumps and gets me in an emotional state.


Music for is as important for me as the air that i breath. A friend of mine wrote a blog entry about Inspirational music , i think what she is writing is worth to think about definitely.  To me music is a way to express myself or process a thought or feeling.
For training, it’s good to have a variety of music genre, so you don’t have angry music all the time or soft music all the time. I like the mix of it, but hey that is just me.


Even if my mom is gone, and I will never ever get to talk to her again, I find comfort and Inspiration in that she was the essence of a true fighter in my books. She fought the cancer in 1998 and beat it, at least we thought she beat it. In the spring of 2009 she was diagnosed with mestata cancer, and when the tumours was too much for her, after almost a year of fighting, she couldn’t hold on anymore. I belive it’s because of her will and love for her family that she fought the inevitable for so long. The pain she had, the way the chemotherapy made her feel, it is truly amazing on how much love she had for her family and when the doctors finally said they can’t do any more she quickly moved on because there was no need for enduring the pain.
I stand in awe to her, if I could be half as strong as her I feel that I will be able to move mountains.

Then there is all the friends and people you meet in your daily life,  I feel so fortunate to have really good friends that cares and Inspires me. I am not going to name names but those I speak about know who they are. I can not thank you enough for your support. To have friends that can Inspire and make you feel that you could go anywhere if you just set your mind to it are invaluable…

This was a little about Inspiration…

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  1. You had a very deep and personal blogentry. You are strong to tell us about what happend with your mom.
    I agree that movies are like insprational-songs. I guess the message of teh movie has reach the crowd then.

    I saw my first Jet Li-movie in this weeend. He has a talent!
    So now I have ”invested” my first sticks.

    I burned for music,writning and creativity. And I have my idols in each categories.
    For example Bon jovi, Lisa Marklund and my friends and family..

    Strong women is peolpe I adore. The woman in Resident evil-movie. Milla Jovovich is tough.

    Thank you for a great blog!


  2. Thank you for your reply… Jet Li rocks and really cool that you got some sticks, I hope you don’t bang your head to much or you’ll end up like me… :)

    The reason why i write about mom so much is that she was strong and a great mom, I want to honor her and pay my respects to her.

    Yeah, i like resident evil III, that one is really COOL… :D Unfournately i have missplaced my dvd.

    all the best.
    Gumagalang Ng Lubos / With Great Respect


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