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Are you Freaking Kidding Me?

Is this really Sweden 2010?

It has never been my intention to fill this blog with political content, but after last night i feel compelled to, I have to write something. Last night we had the election for our parliament. For the first time in our history 5,7 % of the voting people has voted for the xenophobia party The Swedish Democrats(SD). The big different with SD than their equal in Norway and Denmark is that SD has their root from old nazi parties. As late as 2006 SD had logo that was borrowed from english nazi organisation  National Front, a flaming torch with the subtext:  The Swedish Democrats – for a swedish Sweden.

To me, this says that 5,7 % out of the Swedish citizen think that if you are  of another color, different beliefs system than Christianity and different sexual orientation then heterosexuality is not welcome in Sweden. Maybe this is a hard way to look at it, but by voting for this partie they have said this whether you agree or not. The values SD represent is just that and if you look through their rhetoric you only find pure prejudice and hate.

It’s a sad day for our history, that xenophobic ideas can flourish like they have…I am looking at the future and wonder how this will affect me and my forthcoming children…A society where acceptance for who we are as an individual is restricted. People should have to choice to believe and think whatever they like, no one should ever have the right to encroach on this civilian right. It doesn’t matter if you like to celebrate hitler or if you believe in the prophet of Mohammed as long as you do not commit criminal acts in your beliefs name there should be no restriction on your personal beliefs, sexual orientation or the color of your skin.

Hopefully we will not see to much of intrusion of our human rights in the next 4 years…


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