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Criminal Minds…

Have you seen criminal minds?
Here in Sweden it airs on channel 5 at Thursdays 21.00.

In my opinion this is one of the more interesting tv shows on tv. Even if this is just a tv show, they keep it very realistic, they have consults from the real BAU teams(Behavioral Analysis Unit’s) at FBI Quantico. Just to keep the realism of the show, wich i think they do a pretty good job with. They use bit’s and pieces from the real world and for me i think this is what makes it interesting. they tap in the minds of the worst kind of serialcriminal and you get a glimpse of why they do the crazy stuff they do.

In episode 18 from season 5, they start the episode with two minutes of kali training…wich of course is always very cool, when FMA gets exposure. :) I can’t find any clip from it now, but when I do find it, I will post it here.. :)

this weekend a friend and i watch 15-20 episodes from season 1,2 and 3 :) so for you that has missed this show, watch an episode and please tell me, what do you think about it?
It should be noted, if you don’t like much blood and grueling details this show may not be something you should watch by yourself :) I hope you had a great weekend aswell…

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