Filipino Martial Arts (FMA)

The First Scandinavian Inayan Winter Camp…

It was  a lot planing into this camp, and the camp passed by with the speed of light. We did plan for a Winter Camp, and boy did we get a Winter Camp, it was cold and the snow kept coming…

Winter in Sweden, 2010

We had about 24 participants coming from parts of Europe and Sweden. For this to be the first camp we did, it was really fun to see that so many came, and from different parts of Europe. We had participants from France, Belgium and Denmark, from Sweden it came people from Malmö, Västerås, Eskilstuna and Norrköping.
It was truly special, I am so glad to witness a piece of history in happening:  The first Inayan Winter Camp … It is with pride that I can say that I  was there for the first time.
To me this was a group effort, I may be the one who planed and organize the camp, but it was made possible by all the people who travel long distance and short distance to come. It is thanks to you all that made this camp possible, and for that I am truly grateful and looking forward with big excitement for next year.

The Instructors…

What can I say about the Instructors? Well first of all for you that don’t know it, the instructors were Inayan instructor Kenneth Johansson and Suro Emanuel Hart(Head of IS3). Suro Emanuel and Inayan instructor Kenneth brings different kind of energy to the class and together it makes up to a perfect match in my opinion. Both of the Instructors took the participants on a journey through the Inayan system and really made a big impression on me and to the participants of the camp at least that was what I observed.

Both Kenneth and Emanuel is two great instructors, it was truly and honour to have them here to teach and inspire us…


2011 camp

Now it’s been more than two months since we had the camp, looking back on the experience. I see some stuff to improve, and some stuff we can keep. For the locale was very good, a big thank you to Norrköpings Kamphus. We have already set the dates for this year, and it will be the 25th to 27 th of november, it is the last weekend in november. If you don't have fun doing it...then don't do it!

The schedule is going to be released in the beginning of march… I will release it here, come back …


Thanks to all the participants of the camp we were able to give 300 € to the Swedish Cancer Society.  The reason why we choose to give to them was due to my mother passed away in Cancer 2010-03-13. It was truly a great experience to be able to this. Hopefully in 2011 we will be able to give even more money to foundation. You can find our foundation here if you would like to give for yourself or just write in the guest book:  Inayan System III Eskrima Charity Fundraising

I know that this blog post has taken far to long then necessary and what would like to, i am sorry for that. But my time and energy hasn’t allowed me to make the process going any faster than this. Hopefully this will change until the next post. My next post will be about my favorite YouTube clips of Filipino Martial Arts…

Take Care
Gumagalang Ng Lubos

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