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Viking Spirit Camp 2011

Friday the thirteenth of may 2011 was the first day of Viking Spirit Camp, the Schedule was packed with seminars with great instructors from all over the world.  The instructors for this year was:

Emanuel Hart
Marty Zaninovich
Richard ”HUK” Planas
Graham Lelliott
Ingmar Johansson
Paul Irish 

This was the thirteenth year they arranged this camp. As always it’s a lot of fun. Down below you can find some photos from the three days.

We were about 4 plus me that visit the camp, and test some JKD but our focus was training with Suro off course. Suro always deliver great, informative and fun seminars. I feel really fortunate to have the chance to train with a prominent in knowledgable instructor as Suro Emanuel Hart is.

Soon is the annual summer camp outside of paris. I am so looking forward to meet old and new friends, train and have fun! :)

First day - First day Second day  Third day

for more photos check out IS3 Norrköpings flickrstreamSuros teaching


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