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Movie and Stewed Macronies

Today I had a big sleep in… the latest months I have been so  tired, so sometimes I try to sleep as long as I can… :) wich I did today… so I got to the office around 10.00 I worked to about 17.30 :)

My sister has asked me to do some Stewed macaronies, wich I did. If there something i am good at, it is doing stewed macaronies. Under many years a have perfected my stewed macaronies, I used to say, you haven’t lived before you have tried my stewed macaronies… :)

After we had our dinner, we had tickets to the movie Kick Ass( well it wasn’t the best movie i have seen. But i wasn’t either the worst i have seen so…I did get a tickle of the fact they used butterfly knifes and refered it to the name balisong wich are for you who does not study Filipino Martial Arts the name we use for that specific knife. They also said it was a Filipino styled knife, there is some that says that it is not true, because the knife appears in a french document in 1710 and it’s said that it originated from 1600 in french. It first use was for fisherman, due to the special opening that makes the balisong (butterfly knife) special, it was easy to open this knife with one hand.
I want to say that the balisong maybe from the Philipines, but to my knowledge that has been no earlier recorded evidence of the balisong was developed in the filipines. If there is someone out there that has information that suggest that the balisong is originated from the Philipines I would to read it.
Oyeah the fight scenes was pretty cool in the movie, so it wasn’t a bad movie… :) But I definitely have seen better… :)

It was a good evening, it was way to long ago that me and my sister got the chance to hang out. I hope there will be time for it very soon again. I got my sister interested in Criminal Minds, so maybe we will watch some episodes together next time we hang out.

Tomorrow Saturday, I have some training, we start around 9 o’clock. It will be pads, groundwork and takedowns for two hours. I am looking forward to it already… :) Then later in the afternoon i am heading home to Finspång and spend some time at home.

Take Care…
Over and out
By associating with wise people you will become wise yourself. – Menander

3 thoughts on “Movie and Stewed Macronies

  1. Vanliga Stuvade makaroner på en fredag? Jag anser att det ska va något extra när helgen står för dörren. Exempelvis kyckling eller tacos. Jajjemän.


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