Rhodos !!!

After a week on Rhodes I am really brown. We went to Rhodes when it is as hottest,me and my girlfriend and a couple of friends. We probably had around 35-40° in the shadow.


taken from the airplane to Rhodes

We did a lot things like visited Lindos and tested jetski. Lindos were very interesting and beautiful with a lot of culture. Definitely something I would recommend if you are going to Rhodes.

Jetskin was a lot of fun as well. Although going with a lot of speed against the waves was,well it was watery if that is a word even. It was a fun 15 minutes.

We got a amazing view from our hotel ro


from our hotel room


from our hotel room

more photos will be posted here later on…

take care for now…
with great respect


Great memories… 1#

I remember back in 2002 I was invited to a IKAEF Instructor camp by Johan Skålberg, I only had train FMA a bit over a year and I think in retrospect I only had one semester of Instructor lead training.

Well anyway, on the camp we were doing Sinawalis and we were proceeding into the mirror-principle. Kadua Guro (at that time, now Pangulong Guro for Kali De Mano) Claes Johansson asked us if we had done it before. I had, I did once on a private training with my Instructor back in Norrköping. So I thought this as a kind of put up your hand and we see how many knows kind of deal, so I raised it. Little I know that by doing so, Claes told me to get up and show everyone how to do it. I was extremely nervous when I got up, because what if I fail and then I just had blabbed my mouth in vain. So we started, and I did it, maybe I didn’t do it as gracefully as it should have, but I did it.

It was nice feeling and great memory…One of many…

Do you have a great memory you want to share? please tell me, it would be nice to read one of your memorys…


Movies I am looking forward to see… (2012-1#)

Taken 2 – Well, this is going to be a treat! The first movie was real good so I am wondering how they going to top that.

The Possesion – This movie seems to be scary enough

The Bourne legacy – I think it has potential, what you think?

The Expendables 2 – So looking forward to see this

The Dark Knight Rises – I think The Dark Knight was one of the best movies of all time, so my expectations are for this movie

Ice Age 4 – Ice Age 3 with Buck was so funny, my favorite of the Ice Age movies, so it will be nice to see this movie

Madagascar 3 – Always loved the performance of Chris Rock, so this movie is a must for me.

Anchorman 2 – All movies with Will Ferell is funny and twisted so i will definitely try to catch this

The Campaign – More with Will Ferell, it has potential, probably see it when it hits the DvD 

TED – If you like Family Guys sense of humor and you don’t offend easy, this movie can be something for you

ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER – I have my doubts, but maybe it will be a cool one!