Inayan training…

In May there are going to be a lot of training for the Inayan practioner, Suro Emanuel Hart comes to the Viking Spirit Camp and is conducting several seminars i Norrköping. For more information on Suro Harts seminar and the Viking Spirit Camp visit www.vikingcamp.eu

The week after Viking Spirit Camp IS3 Instructor Kenneth Johansson is conducting a workshop in Eskilstuna. Hosting the workshop is Kali Eskilstuna (www.kali-etuna.se) . The workshop will be covering Inayan Largo Mano, Inayan Sinawallis and Inayan Kadena De Mano, it will be an intense seminar with good training so bring paper, pen and something drink, don’t miss it.

For registration and information: info@kali-etuna.se
For more information about the camp:  http://www.inayan.eu/workshop-22-05-2010.pdf

A brief illustration of IS3 Styles. This illustration has NO applications of techniques but rather an example of BASIC training. For more information on our system and training methods, visit www.Inayan.eu

I am off to training, two hours of Inayan training awaits… :)

Gumagalang Ng Lubos


My first real post…

Wow i got a new blog… I know my track record isn’t the best with blogging… :) But now I got a chance to improve myself.

There are different kind reasons why i started this blog, but hopefully i will be able to update this a lot more often than I used to update my last blog at: http://keris.sundh.biz

In this blog you will be able to follow my journey in martial arts and life.  My intention is that i will try to keep you updated on all this.

Gumgalang Ng Lubos


Keris first post…

This is going to be my first of many post… :)  i will write about my life and the training i do…

for more updates…please subscripe this blog.. .:)