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An unstoppable force…

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Deprecated: Function get_magic_quotes_gpc() is deprecated in /customers/7/5/7/ on line 4382 Inspiration: Peter Forsberg For me Peter Forsberg has been always a great inspiration.  People (including myself) always says that he was a great or even the greatest hockey player  of all time. But is not really until you see a movie clip like this it’s really becoming apparent of how good he was. He was a complete […]

Filipino Martial Arts (FMA)


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Inspiration? What is Inspiration for you and how do find inspiration? I know when i was young, around 16-19 years old I had no goals, no ambitions and without Inspiration. Now in my ”later” years I have thought about what makes me and other people feel inspiration. Mostly what inspires me, how have I found Inspiration to […]