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Viking Spirit Camp 2011

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Friday the thirteenth of may 2011 was the first day of Viking Spirit Camp, the Schedule was packed with seminars with great instructors from all over the world.  The instructors for this year was: – Emanuel Hart – Marty Zaninovich – Richard ”HUK” Planas – Graham Lelliott – Ingmar Johansson – Paul Irish  This was the […]

Filipino Martial Arts (FMA)

Sinawalli…Love it or Hate it?

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[polldaddy poll=3161738] Sinawalli means to weave or pattern. Sinawalli is something that is really traditional for Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) in general. Sinawalli is basically practice with two sticks per person, this is not to say that you can’t do the patterns with one stick. But as a basic general idea it practiced with two sticks. There are systems […]